Kommande bok

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In Grandma’s Arbor
five generations of bread pastries and cakes

Grandma’s arbor was mom’s favourite spot when she was a child. Summertime there was homemade lemonade and freshly baked cookies. The recipes from Grandma’s old black waxcloth book – later passed on to mom – who spoiled us in the very same way.

As we realised this treasure would soon be lost we decided to publish a hard cover oilcloth book with the old family recipes. The oldest written recipe is from 1852.

Inspired by the beautiful landscape of both Österlen and Östergötland this book depicts Swedish cultural history and traditions. Most Swedes and people of Swedish descent will recognize their own grandma’s recipes. Along with the recipes there are recommendations and explanations based on five generation’s experiences. And a lot of anecdotes from both moms and our childhood.

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